Paragliding Gloves Citrin 2S

The paragliding glove CITRIN is the youngest Innovation of Basisrausch GmbH. On demand of clients and feedbacks of Chrigel Maurer, we have developed and launched this new 2-season Summer glove. For its invention, we could benefit from our longstanding experiences in the paragliding glove development.



The CITRIN perfectly meets the demands of a Summer paragliding glove. It protects the hand form cutting injuries, it is very sturdy and robust, it doesn’t make your hands sweaty and it fits like a second skin on your hand.

Just like the proven KRISTAL FLEX, the new glove CITRIN is processed from high-quality goat-leather. This material is water and wind repellent, robust, easy-care and has a maximum grip. On the hand-outside includes a Spandex, which makes the glove slightly extensible. With this feature, this tight-fitted glove feels like a second skin without building tension or limiting the free moving space. Additionally, the Spandex supports the regulation of the inside climate and avoids sweaty hands.

The finger-zone is constructed as seamless as possible in order to guarantee a maximum of grip and grasp. The short and very light gauntlet is processed from Lycra. With these characteristics, the CITRIN suits generally as a 2-Season glove from late spring to early autumn and especially for educational flights, Tandem flights, Acro pilots, coast soaring, Dune flights and for gliding.

Thanks to Chrigel Maurer for his longstanding cooperation and for his regular impacts and inputs.

Convince yourself while flying it!



Perfect glove for Education, Training, Tandem, Aacro, soaring, dune flying, summer months, gliding

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  • size XS S M L XL XXL XXXL
    zoll (franz 2.7cm) 6.5 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10-11
    cm 18.9 20.3 21.6 23 24.3 25.6 27-29

    Hand Extensive -

    Hand Extensive

  • Material TEC-Goatskin Leather, Polyester
    Size XS - XXXL
    Comfort Range 15 bis 35°C
    Color camel/black
    Article No. 250080

  • For washing, put on the Leather Glove and wash it with lukewarm (not to hot) water mixed with sepcific Leather-detergent. This process should be exactly same as you were washing your hands. Don’t rubb or brush it, it would damage the Glove. Flush out the soap and squeeze it very smoothly (never wring it). Pull it back in Form and let it dry slowly and natural. Avoid every morbid source of heat such as hairdryer, heating or direct sunlight. Once it is almost dry, put it on and kneat it to get it smooth again and to win back the original fit. For further care you can nurish the Leather surface with dubbin (Leather fat).

  • In cooperation with Chrigel Maurer, we developed the “Chrigel Maurer Reminder”. By labelling your gloves specifically, you can improve your security and self-management before and during the flight. Find below the detailed description (in german):

    CMR Manual

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