Basisrausch is the general importer of U-TURN. We represent the brand throughout the Swiss market.


The traditional paraglider brand with the motto "SAFE FUN" was founded by Thomas Vosseler and Ernst Strobl. Until today, both are operationally involved in the success of U-Turn. The brand's commitment to safety is a result of their conviction that the fun factor increases when the risk factor decreases.


The expectations and needs vary from pilot to pilot. U-Turn offers a variety of gliding models in all performance classes. From the cross-country wing to the training wing to the acro wing, their models are called Evolution, Emotion, Eternity, Annapurna, Infinity Obsession, Blacklight, Crossrock Vision, Everest, Passenger Redout, Morpheus, Joker, Blackout, Trinity, Kidrock and more.


In addition to the paraglider models, U-Turn has made a name with the emergency parachute rescues (Backup X, RS, Secure). The range of products is completed with their own harnesses (RX4, Inside, Spirit), accessories and clothing.

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