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harness Chogori XC

The CHOGORI XC is a new lightweight version of the harness for paragliding adventures or the most demanding expeditions. We reached an incredible derate to 2.95 kg in size M by replacing materials and taking a less needed reinforcement in the harness away.



Construction with a SEATBOARD
Based on our experiences with long flights in high mountains – challenging the right tactics as well as the physical readiness of the pilot.
We clearly prefer the classic construction harness with a seatboard (not like a hammock – seatboardless) which allows you to lead your wing in active air precisely and effectively.
Highly-developed strap section makes easy to change the angle of the seatboard according to your needs.
All the straps are fully adjustable so you can choose the most suitable half-sitting position due to your body proportions and demands even during the flight.

The CHOGORI is delivered standard with the 15 cm foam back protector which protects your spine and a tailbone in case of harder landings.
The back protector has it´s own zip pocket so you can easily take it out and replace it with a sleeping bag which will perform the function with dignity. After several days of flying in high mountains you will certainly appreciate saved space and reduced weight of your equipment.
We also paid attention to the storage spaces and balance of the harness if it´s filled. Whether you put into CHOGORI clothes, tent, sleeping bag or bottles of water you will always stay in the right angle during the flight.

The Chogori COCKPIT
The CHOGORI goes perfectly with our lightweight backpack KEYLONG XC. We fitted the KEYLONG XC with a pocket which you can easily pack the backpack into and use it like a cockpit for your instruments.
If you already have a backpack with whom you´re satisfied but would like to place the instruments neatly in front of you – buy just the CHOGORI cockpit.
Attached to the waist strap and the pod also by a small magnet so you can detach it after landing easily and place it in the top of your backpack – close at hand and with protected instruments against unwanted damage.

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  • sizeSMLXL
    height of main attachment41 cm42 cm43 cm44 cm
    seatboard width (front/rear)25/31 cm27/33 cm28/34 cm29/35 cm
    seating depth B43 cm45 cm47 cm50 cm
    back section length A64 cm67 cm70 cm74 cm
    weight2.75 kg2.95 kg3.15 kg3.35 kg
    CertificatPH 122.2015PH 122.2015PH 122.2015PH 122.2015


  • ClothDelinova 75 130g/m2
    Inner pocketsDominico 41 g/m2
    Seat deskErgonomic polycarbonat
    Feet deskCarbon
    CocoonLycra 210 g/m2
    CarabinersFinsterwalder 3000DaN
    SizeS - XL
    Colorblack - yellow

  • Manual Chogori

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